Cochinita Pipil

Serves 8


1kg             pork shoulder or loin (you can also use chicken)

500g          pork ribs

                   sea salt

                   ground pepper

For the marinated achiote sauce

5 oranges  juice

2 lemon     juice

100g         achiote paste

2                garlic gloves

½               onion

2tbsp         vinegar

1cup          water

1 tsp          salt   

To serve

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Cut the meat into medium sized pieces (it is easier to marinate and they will cook faster) season with salt and pepper and place them in to a large saucepan.

In a blender mix the orange, lemon juice and achiote paste with the rest of ingredients. Pour the sauce in to the meat and add water until is fully cover. Cover the saucepan and bring it to boil turn down the flame (to minimum) and keep cooking until the meat is soft, approx. 1 hr.


If you have time, marinate the meat in a separate bowl and let it rest in the fridge between 3 hours to overnight.




Written by Ivette Perez de Wenkel