Mexican food

About Me

Hola! My name is Ivette

I´m a Mexican (Mexicali, Baja California) living in Berlin. The Mexican Cuisine has an amazing cultural background and I am passionate about it. I consider myself a cooker, one that enjoys the process of learning, sharing knowledge and experience. The idea of giving an insight in to the Mexican food to my family and friends in Germany became the inspiration to start my project “Taco Tales “which includes cooking workshops, collaborations and online shop. In 2018 I published my first cooking book in German language (by Jaja Verlag, Berlin) a collaboration project with my sister in-law the Illustrator Anne Wenkel. Our book was formally released and presented to the public at Leipzig Book Fair. The same year we had the honour to present it at the Mexican Embassy in Germany and in November 2019 we were happy to announce the release of the English version (by Gingko press, Berkley Ca).

Thanks for being here, I hope you get insipired to cook mexican food!


Taco Tales cookbook

This book is my personal tribute to the recipes of my family, to Mexico, our roots, our traditions and our culture.

" You will find more than 50 recipes along with the history and traditions that make each dish much more than just food" .

You can enjoy my book in english or german language.

Mexican Temptations

Tamales de Mole, Tamales dulces, Pan de Muerto, Conchas, Flan, Rosca de Reyes ...

Cooking classes online

From September 2020 you will be able to join my cooking classes via online (ZOOM)


Cochinita Pipil

Baked pork with achiote

Taco de carne asada (Grilled beef Taco)

grilled beef tacos-Norteño style

Pozole Vegetariano (vegeterian style Pozole)

made wish mushrooms and guajillo chili

Collab & Events

I do collaborations at different events , with colleagues, institutions and restaurants that are intersted in promoting mexican gastronomy.


Mexican food to go

by Keta & Ivette /Coming Soon